Fiver Friday teacher bundle

Fiver Friday teacher bundle

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Fiver Friday teacher bundle

1x Leavers class of 2021 - approx 7x5cm
1x It takes a big heart - approx 9x8cm
1x World best teacher - approx 6x6cm
1x If teachers were flowers - approx 9x7cm
1x The influence of a great teacher - approx 8x8cm
1x A teacher takes a hand - approx 9x8cm
1x Awesome teacher - approx 8x8cm
1x Favourite teacher - approx 10x6cm
1x Tea in teacher - 8x7cm

All sizes are approximate, vinyls suitable for glasses, mugs, candles, plaques etc

Available in all 39 standard colours, if you would like a mix of colours, select 'mixed' from the drop down menu