Application instructions

How to apply the vinyl decals:

Self adhesive vinyl

1. Make sure the surface in which the vinyls are being applied to is clean and dust free. 

2. Rub over the vinyl applying little pressure, make sure there are no bubbles in the vinyl

3. Peel the application tape (clear or paper) away from the backing sheet with the vinyl. If all the vinyl does not stick to the application tape place back down and rub over again.

4. Place the vinyl onto the item, gently press down and rub over. Peel the application tape away. If the vinyl does not fully adhere to the item place back down and rub over applying some pressure. 

Some special effects vinyl can be a little more difficult to apply, if the vinyl is not sticking when applying rub over with a application squeege or something with a hard edge like a bank card. Also applying heat gentle with a hair dryer (not too close) can also help the vinyl to adhere fully. 

Any problems applying the vinyl, please send us a message or pop us a message over on our facebook page


 HTV (clothing vinyl)

1. Remove the backing sheet from the back of the vinyl - this will either be a wax paper or film held on with masking tape. 

2. Place the vinyl on the required item with the carrier sheet still in place facing upwards (make sure the design/text is readable from left to right) 

3. Using a heat press - press the vinyl for 15 seconds at 160° 

4. Start to peel back the plastic carrier sheet - if the vinyl is fully adhered the the item peel the carrier sheet off completely. If the vinyl starts to life press again for a few extra seconds, make sure you are using enough pressure on the press when applying the vinyl.
If you are using an iron instead make sure you firmly press over all the vinyl and do not rub the iron as if you were ironing clothing. This will take several minutes for the vinyl to adhere correctly. 

Most of our vinyl is hot peel meaning the carrier sheet can be peeled off straight away when the vinyl is still hot. Some vinyl however is cold peel (mainly glitter) for this you need to wait for the vinyl to cool down before removing the carrier sheet. The type of vinyl (hot or cold peel) is stated on each item listing. 

We highly recommend that a heat press is used when applying HTV (clothing vinyl) for a professional finish. 

HTV should only be applied to new clean unwashed clothing & materials